A Letter for you..

http://beechgrovehistoricvenue.com/32283-arcoxia-costo.html My Hero, 

look at this web-site I need to remind you something. That not everything in life goes systematically. Not everything in life is to be taken from an engineer’s perspective. Not everything is to be discussed with everyone.

click to investigate Some things are just felt by the heart and left alone like that itself. When I fell in love with you I didn’t feel like discussing about it… Else we would have never come this far… u know… 

I didn’t know that calming down someone’s anger requires some technique too…. 

Whenever I get angry on you I just can’t be like that for a long time … And in that case if it takes a long time to make up I just forget it… It’s not that u have a better way to make up the quarrel…. Samjhe !!!!!!!!!!!! and as far as making the other person feel special is concerned (as u said in the morning : Relationships like love are all about making the other person feel special.) then I must say that there are lots of expectations everyday from my side where I want you to make me feel special. But you never do… But in such cases I don’t say anything because somewhere deep inside my heart I don’t want u to change… Because I LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE… 

Have u ever wondered why I keep telling you about the things you do and say that impress me…. Just to make you feel special…. Why I keep sending messages or keep writing some or the other thing for you??? So that u feel special… So that u feel loved and needed by someone…. Did u ever think about this?? I suppose not…. I told u many times that I expect you to write something for me and do something for me…. Be it any small thing.. That’s why I just get delighted even when u send a simple good morning message…. If you want to talk about feeling special then first ask yourself how many times have you made effort for the same… But I never force you and will never do… Because when I fell for you I didn’t see these things… I didn’t see how you weirdly you behave and how weirdly u ll behave later… I just did what my heart liked…. And that’s it…. You just have to follow your heart… If I am not good in making up for a row with you then obviously I ll feel bad…. Because I give my 100% to make you feel good….. To make u feel special each and every day in spite of you being angry or upset…. 

Everything in life doesn’t revolve around logic my baby…. You yourself said that when u fall in love you don’t see the good things or the shortcomings in the other person.. You just love the other person….. And that’s what love is made up of…. funny yet intense feelings… You may not be the best person on this earth but to me……you are perfect and you ll always be my darling…. I am sorry but I am not sure if you feel the same way… 

I hope this solves much of our confusion…… If anything u did or said made any big difference to me then I would have let go of this relationship at that very time…. But these are some things that keep happening because of expectations…. When u are fighting with me… I don’t feel very good but when u are normal there are times when I feel and expect that u say something which makes me feel loved too….. 

And if you didn’t get anything out of all this , then I think you are not able to understand me properly or perhaps u think that I am not able to understand you…. In that case I think you need to not talk to me for some time (it can be any number of minutes,hours,days) and analyse whats wrong with me or you or both of us.. I don’t believe in doing all these things coz I just follow my heart… But will wait for you… When u feel like normal and talking very usually then u can call me…. 

I have always followed my heart and that had made me love you even more… There are times when I get angry but when my heart can’t resist I just call u…. 

Awaiting your reply, 

Love you, 
Only urs, 
Your Sassy Girl.

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