The Hair Clip

buy augmentin The telephone beeps and breaks her rest. She tries to discover her telephone which is in my grasp. She tries to take it away yet I hang on tight. She takes a gander at me to check whether I am wakeful yet I am in my best of acting mind-sets. She kisses on my cheeks and I just can’t avoid the grin. There goes my 10 minutes of show in a solitary kiss. These ladies are so effective. They can figure out how to influence us to do anything. They generally have traps up the sleeve. She takes a gander at messages, answers the one which are vital and sets update for the ones to be addressed later. We are in middle of our semi sentimental discussion when she understands that her fastener is absent. She grapples with the cover to endeavor to discover it before I pull her to occupy her from this unromantic demonstration of hers. Mornings are best time for sentiment and some person destroying is inadmissible. Be that as it may, she is a lady and I can’t stop her desires. She discovers it in one more moment and her face winds up noticeably pale.

useful site Me: “What Happened? You got it na?” She is almost in tears now. I don’t get it. “Baby, what happened?”

She: “It’s my favorite clip and it just passed away.” And she bursts into tears crying like a baby.

Three genuine connections, endless indulgences despite everything I don’t comprehend lady some of the time. Did she simply say that the hairpin passed away? It resembled a language structure class straight out of Wren and Martin. This resembled the best case of exemplification. I endeavored to act like an understanding accomplice.

Me:” Arey baba, it happened. Destiny played its role”. It was the most absurd consolation I had given. I knew it the moment I said it. She didn’t react. She kept crying for next 10 minutes before I wiped them with a kiss.

She tells the history of the clip in a deep baritone: “This is the world’s best hair clip. When I bought it from a small market in Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh), it was an epic event. There were so many girls in the shop and I could find it among those fashionista eyes. I instantly fell in love. I love it more than anything else even more than you.” She described it as she found the ring from Lord of the Rings fame.

By the way, ok, listen, what, excuse me, “Did she just compare me the hair clip?” She said it so seriously and in such despair that I couldn’t fight on this. “What is special about this clip?” I looked at it very carefully to see any treasure of ancient scribblings to see if it was so special but It was just another clip found at any accessories shop. I looked at her crying again and it is becoming difficult now. Romance and subsequent love-making has already gone for toss but the current scene was about to ruin the day.

Me: “Show me the clip. Let me check the problem.” It was a claw clip and the most popular ones found in Indian market. They were firm and gave a tight grip to the hair to hold your hair style firm. It was made of some variety of fibre. Easily available, simple design and easy to use. The issue was that the pin and spring were deformed and not holding the claws together. Even if it was joined, it would have not lasted long.

While the broken clip was on the surface of the ocean, deep down I was sensing an opportunity to be a hero. As usual, I decided to create a glory moment out it. During the whole investigation, she was already 300 grams down with heavy sobbing and crying in pain. I quipped with wry smile, “Baby, I will fix it. Please wait for some time.” The background music inside her ears were already humming romantic lullaby and look on her face had also some glow sensing a hope. Ok, I know how could I possibly know that but then you should not think much just like you do when you watch Indian films. In the meantime, I had already travelled in time to imagine heroic virtue after I fix the clip.

Next 15 minutes were a struggle as I failed to figure how to fix the clip so that it lasts long. While I felt my engineering degree was finally giving up some value after so many years, I felt challenged with mechanical strength and finesse of the different parts. It was a hero time and a hair clip can’t take away what I could be. She had gone for cooking in the meantime giving a sense of relief that she is not a witness of my struggles.

This is the time my mind wanders in different directions. May be! I can’t fix it right. I will buy her a new one. Big Deal. She at least will think I tried. I can’t be expected to be an expert in repairing clips. OMG! But I just said it. I said I will fix it. Son of a Gun!!! I am doomed. No, Wait!! Let me think. Wait for what? I can’t think. Let me find same clip online. Goly Boly! How will I? It’s unbranded. It was bought from a small shop. It may not exist at all. This is stressful now.

I light up the cigarette to smoke and calm down. I went to kitchen to see her making tea. I place a tender kiss on her neck, ear lobes and whisper “Baby, I think I found a story for my blog. Inspire me to make it a great one. Quote something. Because like all stories, this needs to have a great start to the climax”. She says, “That’s too much to ask but then whenever I feel sad, I am going to read your story and come running to kiss you.” An adrenaline rushed into my veins as she uttered kiss with such passion and smile.

I get back to business. I place all things on a table. I use cigarette lighter to soften the metal and give it a better shape to bend and make it firm. I finally fix it and fix it well I must say. As she sees me working with childlike enthusiasm and keep adoring me, cuddling me bring small joys of life. I forgot the reason I started doing this. As I finished and tied her to place the clip, she asked “Tell me Honestly, aren’t you doing this to impress the new girls with this story?” and we burst into laughter.

A year later after I am about to click the Publish button, tears roll down my eyes and kiss my lips.


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