The Happy Accident

February 16, 2014 17 Comments

“I hate it when I have to kiss you like it’s last time”, sad a disappointed Chaanak after a passionate kiss to Pankhudi. They are about to leave the hotel as she catches the train at Dadar Station for Jaipur. Phone rings, “Taxi is here, Sir”, said the receptionist from the other end. Ikshu, I am worried I may miss the train. Dad is reaching home tomorrow morning.” It was last week of December 2009 and Pankhudi had come to Mumbai from Jaipur for a 3 day honeymoon with Chaanak. Chaanak and Pankhudi meet every 2-3 months for a 3-4 days trip in different cities to spend time together. Pankhudi’s relationship status in public was single as with most girls with boyfriends in India.

Pankhudi’s concern was obvious as it was peak hours in evening and they were likely to be stuck in traffic jam. Chaanak, visible concerned quickly retorted “Let’s do it my way. We pick the taxi and go to the nearest railway station from where we can pick a direct local to Dadar.” The taxi headed towards Cotton Green which was the closest station and in no time they were there. They took the ticket to Dadar and reached the platform. Now, it was going to be just 20-25 minutes to Dadar and train was to depart in 50 minutes. Pankhudi who was suddenly relieved, passed a blushy smile said, “How come you still manage to impress me even after 1 year of our relationship?” “Oh! Do I ? You see, I can’t help it. I try so hard not to impress you but I always fail.”, winked Chaanak resulting in laughter all around. “I will ensure this is the last time you impress me”, taunted Pankhudi

Train approaches the station and Pankhudi boards the train followed by Chaanak. “Hey, it’s the ladies coach” shouts a lady to Chaanak who realizes his mistake and decides to get down. He puts his back leg back on the platform without realizing train has already started. In the next moment, Pankhudi looses sight of Chaanak. She is stunned for a moment and after regaining some sense after a few seconds rushes to the door to look back. The train has left the station behind and he is nowhere to be seen.

“Was he your friend? He might be have boarded another bogey. Don’t you worry”, the consolation words were having no effect on Pankhudi who had lost her mind and did not know what to do. “Phone! Mobile ! Call him !!”, said one sensible lady as Pankhudi had lost her senses in the moment. “He is not picking the call”, said Pankhudi now completely in tears. The next station came and Pankhudi didn’t know what to do. Shall she go back to other station or go to other bogey to check? If she gets down, she surely misses the train. Pankhudi keeps calling Chaanak without success. “I will kill him for not picking my call. I am so tensed and he might be flirting with some chick”, Pankhudi gave hopes to herself that everything is ok.

15 minutes and train is about to reach Dadar and the phone rings. She looks at the phone and sees the golden words Ikshu Calling. This was her most awaited call of lifetime. She picks it before the 1st ring finishes and cries and shouts at the same time, “Where are you?” “Unn”, comes a faint voice from other side. “ARE YOU OKAY?”, shouted the girl. “Unn, I am fine. I have boarded the train to Dadar. You reach the station, find out the platform number and text me. I will reach there. Don’t ask anything now, just wait for me.”

10 minutes to the train, Pankhudi desperately looks for his guy to appear. “Ouch”, cries Pankhudi as somebody takes clutcher out of your hair. “IKSHU!!!!”, cries Pankhudi as tears roll down her eyes. Chaanak, is badly bruised in both knees and forearm. Chaanak is smiling at the situation taunts, “I am still alive. You would want to hear the story now as much as I want to tell you. But train is here and we have just around 10 minutes. I fell from the train but fortunately on the platform. I was unconscious for about 5 minutes till somebody splashed water on me and I gained consciousness. They advised me to go to hospital but when i realized I can walk, I decided to come here. We hardly meet and I didn’t want to miss last moments with you and I am here.” Pankhudi now relaxed sweetly said, “I don’t trust you. Do you want to say you did a Shah Rukh Khan for me?” Chaanak puffed, “Nobody values true love today,,,,hunh.”

Pankhudi boards the train and comes back to platform. She is crying now and before he says anything plants a kiss on the cheeks “I can see you are not walking properly. I can see blood on your clothes, I can see the bruises. I feel I know you completely now but then again you have impressed me. You know what, I like it that way. Keep impressing me now and then. Never let me feel that I have known everything of you and our love will be fresh forever. Oh  ! I have to rush now.”, rushes Pankhudi towards running train.

Chaanak walks to slowly moving train now all blushing now and says, “You know I feel good about this little accident even though it is hurting now as it has become romantic in a weird way. Isn’t it?” and here comes the nod from her “And you know what, you are so impressive that I want to impress you everyday. You are just so……….” and the train departs and kisses fly.

“You will go to hospital without fail and then call me after that. No disobeying my orders.”, texts Pankhudi. “Yes Ma’am and ya I will write about this incident in my blog when I start writing. Suggest me a title for the story.”, replied Chaanak. The cell rang after 10 minutes and Chaanak reads the message from Pankhudi, “The Happy Accident”.

17 thoughts on “The Happy Accident”

  1. The storyline and the plot of characters was really very good. It can be truly said that characters struck the chords well to make it a awsome HAPPY ACCIDENT………..!!!!!!!!.

  2. The starting of THE HAPPY ACCIDENT is really nice… you started with a dialogue and it was easy to connect to the situation and feelings immediately….

    The way you presented the situation…and dwelled your feelings into words… was again wonderful… m just a bit disappointed at places..where proper punctuation was not there… like for eg., "Pankhudi, now relaxed, sweetly said"… and bit of grammatical mistakes…

    Otherwise Shanky.. as I said… you have that quality that you can dwell ur feelings into words… and ofcourse the way you present… it always take me there to that place… being at Mumbai, it was really very easy to assess the situation… the way you portray your characters and put your emotions is really lovely….

    And your love for uncommon names, "Chaanak", can be seen here as well…

    Again… the feelings were beautifully expressed and I was again at that place, it was easy to witness the whole scene and go through the feelings…..

    1. Incorrect grammar is intentional at many places to reveal the randomness of thought process of the reader. The idea is to make the reader feel that protagonist is also going through the unfamiliar situation

      1. Ofcourse…but punctuations can bring a much better effect… no doubt you do grammatical mistakes intentionally… as you love to give it a different effect but I believe proper usage of punctuations can make readers thought process continuous…

  3. Its good overall. A special mention for the last paragraph. I thought it (the last para) brought a smile to my face.

    Of Course the story sounds familiar since I know you. But to put it into words is something else. Well done !

    The "accident" could have been elaborated a little bit more with phrases or sentences like "my head was spinning" or "as if somebody knocked the living daylights out of me". It would have brought more drama into the storyline.

  4. it is indeed a happy accident. …I really liked this story….simple n usual love story but still amazing in its own way….just love the name “ikshu”… 🙂

  5. Hmmmm like the way you took the readers from a funny moment to sad to suspense to pure elation. Its like hot soup in a winter eve

  6. the start is indeed beautiful… While as a reader, I am able to imagine the incident as it is, I believe that to fine tune random thoughts is also important for longer term… It will help in enticing the readers as not all incidents/experiences of yours are equally near/close to heart for the them too!

  7. Very well written !!!
    Although I knw this incidence well bt the way u have expressed I felt I m witnessing it at the station…

    I really like the character names they connect us well to the story line.

  8. When i read the tittle the Happy Accident.I though the accident can not happy at all,but after finishing the story it left a smile at my face.Like the name Pankhudi……….. Keep impressing me now and then. Never let me feel that I have known everything of you and our love will be fresh forever….i loved this a lot.i believe every relationship should be like this,keep discovering each other till the end of life. Great Story…….Waiting for next story to come………..all the Best………………

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